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Harm of bacteria in avoiding Hotel towels

Feb 16, 2017

Towels are designed to facilitate people's daily life activities, no matter what style, use of towels are so towels brings unlimited convenience to people's lives but also hides a lot of problems, towels with a large number of bacteria, viruses, will be through the facial features and skin penetration into the body, health, hotel towels more should pay enough attention to this point.

Hotel managers in procurement Hotel towel Shi on should most significantly of put an end to this class possibilities of produced, maximum degree of select quality Shang better of hotel towel, should select texture fluffy, feel soft of towel, such of towel touch in hand in rich elastic, posted in face Shang, to people a soft posted face of feel, towel avoid dry hard, so as not to hurt skin, General,, quality towel feel compared soft, fluffy and rich elastic.