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how to clean Hotel sheets

Mar 03, 2018

When it comes to washing the hotel had to say bed linen quilt, because every hotel must face a large number of daily bed linen quilt washing problems, how to prepare a good hotel washing washing equipment to provide customers with a clean, soft, warm , Comfort sheets quilt it, should pay attention to the following two points:

duvet cover sheet.jpg

1.The first thing to note is the hotel hotel washing equipment in the washing process of excessive use of bleach whitening effect of disinfection This is very bad, I remember a certain amount To be appropriate, so as to ensure quality. It is recommended to add 0.95 kg of 1% bleach per 45 kg of clothing to extend fabric life and improve wash quality. And after washing must be neutralized and cleaned. This will not only increase the service life of sheets quilt, but also to make hotel hotel washing more reasonable.

2. Hotel Hotel washing equipment in the sheets when looking at the degree of pollution and fabric pollution, which if not good will affect the washing effect. In general, new linen should be replaced after the blended sheets have been washed up to 150 times with hotel laundry facilities. Shorter life of cotton. Hotel washing equipment washing good sheets, you can deliberately double with the back, so wear will be more uniform, which to some extent, increase the acceptable sheet. At the same time also be able to save some costs.
The most important thing is to pay attention to the hotel hotel washing work to be done, so it is easy to upgrade the quality of service up, but also to ensure the best interests of hotels.