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How to use bamboo fiber towel

Feb 16, 2017

1. the use of bamboo fiber towel to avoid dry-erase, wet, it is better to clean should not rub back and forth, you can rinse with a soft dry, towels not soaked in water for a long time, and to avoid exposure and high temperature washing.

2. oil, shoe Polish, such as heavy oil, because of its oily, highly corrosive, so after scrubbing the best general non-alkaline substance (such as detergent, SOAP) or warm water to clean.

3. cooking on the stove, due to a long period of time, grease has been sticky, needed after cleaning spray for soft dirt decomposition, wipe clean with a wet towel bamboo fiber.

4. bamboo fiber towel the size of, their uses are not the same. So that when we use to distinguish between, large towel is mainly used for washing, bathing and so on, small towel used to wash dishes and scrub the furniture directly to the floor.