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Identification of down comforters

Feb 16, 2017

By: natural paving the way for down comforters, relax and let nature take its course three minutes of recovery, then pressed quilts by hand, then go, if they can rebound quickly restored, which is good.

Second touch: touch the pinch test the degree of soft, there is no complete puff piece or than the coarse hairs, feathers, pipe, such as soft to the touch and a complete puff piece is authentic products.

Triple time: slap the quilt, there is no dust, overflow, less dust volume of overflow, the better.

Four rub: rub hands quilt, if plush out stated fabrics, like velvet, not to buy.

Five smell: close down comforters to breathe deeply a few times, no smell is best.

Liu weighed: a weighed down with hand weights, watch size size, lighter weight and greater volume as possible.