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Should have the basic characteristics of textile fibers

Feb 16, 2017

1. durability: textile fibers in weaving, processing and use, shall be subjected to considerable force, if there is no durable power, it cannot be used.

2. thickness: more fine fibers, spun into yarn and woven fabric is more delicate, but when the interloper, strength weakens.

3. colour fastness: must have a tensile strength of textile fibers, strength of a minimum set at 20 kilograms per square millimeter and 1.5 g/dannaier.

4. glue the: textile fiber can intertwine and his way with a sturdy yarn characteristics, depending on the shape of this nature most of the fiber.

5. range of motion and flexibility: the garment that the user is bent not broken, and restitution and other characteristics.

6. solubility: textile characteristics requiring not only the fibers are insoluble in water, even in SOAP water, weak base and weak acid insoluble in water should also.