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Towels hard to do

Feb 16, 2017

1. the towel hard mainly because of is the usual process of magnesium ions, calcium deposits on a towel, soda can be used to Cook, Cook about 10 minutes, then rub into clean water, dry it will become soft.

2. If the soda is not hard to find, you can use white vinegar, just like we are cleaning, put appropriate white vinegar in the water, and then use the hand wash, rinse, when towels dry after just soft.

3, the use of shampoo cleaning, put half a bowl of warm water, inside a little shampoo, rub with your hands, rub a while after cleaning rinse and drying up, dry.

4. towel after cleaning can be softened, but does not advocate using a towel for a long time, accumulated over time, all kinds of viruses, bacteria can breed, generally good advice 3-4 months to replace.