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What materials fitted well

Feb 16, 2017

Duvet cover materials are divided into: cotton material, wear wool duvet cover materials, satin duvet cover materials. Sales in the market mainly is made of pure cotton duvet cover materials, pure cotton is used more in the duvet cover materials.

1. the cotton material of cotton fiber has better moisture absorption, this is due to the outstanding performance of cotton fiber can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content for 8-10%, so pure cotton quilt cover contact with people's skin, makes people feel is soft and not stiff.

2. in pure cotton, jacquard cloth-making and printed cloth, the difference between the two materials is only one letter, but in the production process and material quality is very different, jacquard texture is soft, delicate and smooth texture, good gloss, good drapability and breathability.

3. cotton cloth were printed on pure cotton grey fabric in a variety of bright colors or patterns, and pattern varied, but due to the color pattern is printed, so will increase as the number of washing the color gray.

4. satin material belonging to the quilt of high-grade material, quilt cover most of this material is to use the wedding bedding package, or European-style luxury home decoration only used this material in a quilt.