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Bedding Buy

Feb 16, 2017

1. check the identity, look at packaging. Authentic model of each product on the packaging of products, detergents and fabric of the same texture instructions. Incomplete, irregular and inaccurate product identification, rough or product packaging, printing vague, or does not have an identity, or identifies the content of different products, the consumer should be cautious to buy or not to buy.

2. check the appearance, workmanship. Good quality product surfaces clean and tidy, uniform fabric flat, fine texture, clear printing, stitching even and level. Some products, prices cheaper, but the product may be stained with dirt on the surface, not on canvas, sparse texture, pattern disorders, sewing the rough, some of the important changes in index.

3. the smell and texture differentiation. Consumers in selecting, purchasing bedding can also smell any "smell". If there is a pungent flavor, there may be residual formaldehyde, not to buy.