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Bedding Maintenance Is Very Important

Oct 25, 2017

Bedding maintenance is very important! Proper maintenance will allow us to enjoy better sleep comfortably. However, if the washing and maintenance methods are improper, it may reduce its service life. So how to care for bedding? Let's take a look at the tips for getting off your bedding!

01 many people are accustomed to get up on the stack of quilts, in fact, we sleep at night when the sweat will be absorbed by the quilt, get up on the stack of quilt sweat and quilt of the moisture row does not come out, a long quilt will smell, Get together to lay the bed, it is best to take the quilt from the mattress, let the bed contact with the air, remove moisture.

02 often wash the bed of the quilt, pillowcases and bed sheets, tired of lying on the day it is easy to bring the dust and bacteria to the bedding. Especially pillows, pillowcases, cold weather when few people shampoo every day. Thus causing dirty. Regular cleaning can not only wash away dirt and bacteria can also maintain the life and comfort of bedding, it is necessary.

03 occasional quilt or bed sheets in the direction of the general terms of our sleeping position are relatively fixed, easy due to the pressure of the bed and the use of different forms of bed products appear partial folds. Every two or three months or so, if it is AB on both sides can also be used in turn.

04 Damage to items is very large. In particular, the erosion of textile products is very strong. So keep the dryness of the bedding is to ensure its life and comfort an important part. In the sleep often when the window through the breath, both to the indoor air and let the bedding for the "breathing."

05 bedding cleaning should avoid sun exposure. We all know the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, sun drying or drying too long for easy expansion of the quilt, cotton fiber damage, if it is cotton bedding will lead to fiber break off, if the silk was easily lost after the original Protein and fiber break off.