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Bedding Sets Fabric Knowledge, Bed Selection!

Jul 25, 2017

  Bedding Sets fabric knowledge, bed selection!

  We sleep in the time and our skin is in direct contact with the Bedding Sets, so choose what fabric Bedding Sets directly related to whether we feel comfortable. Now in the pursuit of enjoyment, focus on quality of the times, Bedding Sets is essential for everyone, but not more special needs, generally every 3 to 4 sets per bed is almost enough. However, the knowledge of Bedding Sets fabric you know how much? Here I let everyone to understand the Bedding Sets fabric related knowledge, and carefully selected several fine recommended to everyone!

  For everyone recognized Bedding Sets fabric devaluation of cotton, and it has a water, sweat, skin characteristics, the overall gives a soft and comfortable feeling, the best quality of the product is generally fresh and natural, no smell. If you open the packaging to smell the pungent odor, it may be because the product of formaldehyde or pH exceeded, it is best not to buy. At present, the mandatory standard of textile pH is 4.0 - 7.5.

  Bedding Sets fabric knowledge 1, Bedding Sets fabric count is the thickness of the standard yarn. 1 gram of the length of the yarn for the number of meters, it is called how many support. For example, a gram of cotton can be made 40 meters of yarn, that is 40; 1 gram of cotton can be made of 60 meters of yarn, that is 60. In fact, the higher the number of yarns, the more fine yarn, with such a bed fabric fabric is more soft and comfortable. But the high cost of Bedding Sets fabric demand for raw materials (cotton) to high quality, but also on the mill and textile weaving factory also requires relatively high, so the cost of Bedding Sets fabric fabric is relatively high.

  Bedding Sets fabric knowledge 2, do not ignore the density. This is something we do not pay attention to, but the density is very important! Refers to the number of latitude and longitude yarns arranged in the unit length of the fabric, such as the density of 173 * 124 / inch, indicating that the bed fabric fabric in the 1 inch (2.54 cm) length, the distribution of 173 yarn, weft There are 124 yarns arranged. Generally speaking, the greater the density of Bedding Sets fabric, manufacturing technology requirements and the higher the cost. Such as the same 40s of Bedding Sets, but the density of Bedding Sets fabric may lead to a difference in the cost of more than 100 yuan.

  Bedding Sets fabric knowledge 3, Bedding Sets shrinkage, barium and other parameters. Shrinkage rate, barium value: (measure the brightness of the fabric indicators), color fastness, whiteness of these indicators are the state measure the Bedding Sets fabric of some technical indicators, a set of good Bedding Sets fabric, it must reach these technical indicators or Exceeding the technical specifications specified in the national standard.

  In summary: whether you choose the kind of fabric Bedding Sets, breathability and softness of these two points can not be ignored, as long as these two points to meet our basic comfort needs, not only can help the skin in sleep Time to carry out the metabolism while softness can make people get relaxed, people sleep more at ease.