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Bedding Sets Mainly Refers To The Textile Products

Nov 03, 2017

Bedding refers to items placed on the bed for use in sleep, including bedding, quilt cover, bed linen, bedspread, bed, pillowcase, pillow, blankets, mats and mosquito nets. The bedding referred to in this entry refers mainly to textile products, quilted products and polyester fiber products, excluding blankets and mats.

Purchasing Skills

From the perspective of environmental Design

Home textile products used in residential environment, is the focus of the overall harmony, must consider the coordination of the room environment and the particularity of the room function, should pay attention to the home environment local decoration and the unity of the overall style.

From the perspective of health care

The study shows that: 1/3 of human life is in sleep state, the human body in sleep can get adequate rest, to a large extent determine the health of the body. Advocate the health of household supplies environmental protection, development of cotton Hemp Series, chrysanthemum Pillow, stone pillow, latex pillow, pillow and other health care products.

Starting from the use of the purchase

If gifts should be given to the object of gift-giving, to send the newlyweds to a little festive. To send new friends, to consider the environment. As a daily use, simple, convenient and practical combination of a single piece is a good choice, you can change with the seasons and the individual needs to constantly exchange colors, create different atmosphere.

From the perspective of seasonal transformation

The choice of bedding products should be based on seasonal changes, such as spring and summer can choose fresh, the color of the jump to create a fresh atmosphere, winter can choose warm tones, foil the warm visual effects. Quilt series Summer to 3 kg or so appropriate, spring and autumn 4-5 catty, winter 6-8 jins around. Depending on your personal habits and the local climate.

Knowledge Introduction

(1) The bed product material different, the washing way also must be different, must carefully read the bed product label the washing instruction. The washing steps of the bedding are roughly as follows: first, the neutral washing liquid is stirred evenly into the water within 30 degrees, then the articles needing washing will be soaked for about 10-15 minutes before washing, and the washing of the good bedding shall be suspended and dried, but not prolonged exposure.

(2) When washing pillow core or core-type bedding products, it is best to use a roller washing machine or hand washing; the bed products that have just been bought are best to be washed with water in the first cleaning, not with bleach; a bed with a printing pattern in the cleaning is, sometimes a floating color phenomenon, this is a normal phenomenon.

(3) Bedding season should be washed clean, dry after drying stored in the place, the southern region of greater humidity should also be regularly drying. Bedding is generally not easy to large area dirty, easy to clean and maintenance, but the different fabric of the product washing and maintenance methods are very different, washing and maintenance should check the washing labels before the products.

(4) To receive bedding, should pay attention to deep, light-colored fabrics to be stored separately, the collection when folded neatly, cotton fabric into the right amount of mothballs can be waterproof bed mildew. But silk wool kind of fabric can not be put mothballs, lest the fabric yellowing.