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Bedding SetsPurchase Guide

Aug 28, 2017

I believe we all know the importance of bed for the family. One-third of a person's life is used to sleep, if the bed is not to force, sleep quality will be worse. If you do not buy bedding, even if you decorate the luxury wedding room, others look at that knocking marriage bed, my heart will be your prospective housewife negative points. So how to choose bedding? How to buy bedding?

A pillow

In bed supplies, the importance of pillows is self-evident, especially for modern people who focus on sleep quality. Pillow is comfortable, related to cervical and other health problems. So what is the right pillow?

Appropriate pillow in use should make your cervical spine in a relaxed state, in line with the shape of physiological bending. The body of the correct sleeping position of the pillow support, should be more than the pillow pillow, so as to keep the sleeping person to maintain the natural physiological curvature of the spine or to keep the spine to maintain straight, filling to be soft, so that it is conducive to sleep pillow The

Supine pillow pillow lower when the neck is high, to increase the neck and pillow contact area, and to maintain the natural physiological bending of the cervical spine. Lateral position, pillow adjustment should make the cervical spine in the orthostatic position to maintain parallel with the shoulder degree. This is in line with cervical spine in normal physiological conditions of sleep. It should be noted that the shoulder and neck pain should be the main sleeping, prohibit tummy sleeping, easy compression of the cervical spine, ligaments, resulting in joint degradation, nerve damage. While the heart function of the crowd for the right side of the sleep, snoring poor breathing suitable for lateral sleep.

Pillow height of about 6 ~ 12cm or so, the specific and different shapes are different, the appropriate pillow height can make cervical, lumbar, thoracic spine are in a horizontal line, can prevent scoliosis. And the width of the pillow will be slightly beyond the width of the shoulder, easy to change the posture when sleeping. Supine, the highest point of the pillow should be in the middle of the neck position (equivalent to the fourth cervical spine), making the head and neck are attached to the pillow, fixed neck, so tired of the neck joint muscles to relax.

When choosing a pillow, we will first choose a soft pillow or hard pillow. Pillow "soft and hard" is the pillow of the filler, the common filler are: silk, wool, down, kapok, latex, cassia seed, buckwheat, chamomile, memory technology cotton.

Different materials have different roles, we are more familiar with the buckwheat pillow can prevent cervical spondylosis, but relatively hard, easy to breed bacteria, to regular drying; and feather pillows are well-ventilated, and soft, but very difficult to wash up; The latex pillow made of the juice of the rubber tree is equipped with all the advantages of the above two pillows, good ventilation, comfortable, not easy to breed bacteria, but the service life is short; and now very popular memory pillow is relatively expensive. In the purchase according to the specific circumstances of the individual to choose the appropriate species.

Bed linen, quilt cover, pillowcase

We usually bed sheets, quilt cover and pillowcases into three sets of bed, our new product will put these three items together for everyone to introduce. Bed three-piece sets are often in direct contact with our skin, so the purchase must pay attention to its use of materials. Usually, the material is cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure linen (but there are respiratory diseases do not recommend pure wool products).

We are familiar with pure linen and bamboo fiber fabric for summer, they are good air permeability, the latter can also be antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-ultraviolet, but the surface some blunt. Many people also like to choose cotton, especially Egyptian cotton, island cotton and Pima cotton, whether it is breathable or softness are very good, but easy to wrinkle. Now many high-quality people prefer to choose silk or natural silk fabric. These two kinds of fabric prices are more expensive, but completely value for money, light, soft, comfortable and not easy to fold and fade.

In the purchase, decided to buy what material supplies, we must consider the textile process. Common home textiles fabric fabric organizations are: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, jacquard organization. Satin is generally used for high-end products, mostly silk and silk, the use of the environment have certain requirements. High-grade products easy to scratch, more difficult to care. Currently on the market in the low-grade home textiles mainly to plain weave-based, high-grade home textiles to twill weave, satin weave and jacquard organization, high-grade home textiles to satin weave and jelly-based organization.

In addition to the material, the bedding is also very important. Color printed on the cloth is also pay attention to. Usually referred to as printing, embroidery and jacquard. As the name implies, embroidery is embroidery is woven after the cloth, hand or machine embroidery pattern up. Printing is woven after the cloth, the pattern and then printed up. Compared with the printing, embroidery in the washing is not easy to fade, with breathable, good hygroscopicity and so on. The jacquard is woven in the fabric with different colors of yarn weaving will be made from the color, compared with the embroidery fabric, the cost of higher cost, better quality.

Bedding color in the purchase of the color should also pay attention to the overall color and room color to match, such as the room as a whole white, light blue and other cool colors, choose the color of the time to choose the color of the cold color. If the overall design of the room is very strong, the color will be consistent with the main colors, the main color is the room occupied by the largest area of color. The color with the appropriate, in order to make the room as a whole looks very coordinated. The material, color are determined, and left the size of the problem. Purchase the first time to consider the size of bed and mattress, bed and mattress height are taken into account.