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Detail How To Solve The Hotel Bedding Brought Yellow Trouble?

Oct 13, 2017

Detail how to solve the hotel bedding brought yellow trouble?

Hotels or hotels for the choice of hotel bedding are mostly used in white products, and the use of white bedding easily discolored, when a set of white bed products will not take a few days to become dirty yellow, let managers worry Endlessly, and the use of detergent wash after washing, the effect is not very obvious, then how do we do?

Here to tell you about the hotel bedding yellow treatment approach to help you solve problems:

Prepare work: wash after exposure

Whether it is according to which of the following washing method, pre-work are all exposed to a few hours. The sun can completely improve the situation of the pillow yellow. And then select the detergent wash, can be more effective. The general sun after soaking immediately, and then wash, the effect is better.

1, wash with white soap

Now the market has a special white clothes soap, you can guarantee that clothes do not change color. The price is not expensive, after washing the bedding a little white, the effect is still very obvious. But to wash a few times, one or two times the effect is not great.

2, with a bleach

This method is only suitable for pure white bed linen, or the color of the bed will be washed more light, seriously affect the appearance. We are not very recommended this wash method, which the hotel bedding has some damage.

3, wash with wash rice

Taomi water bleaching effect, but the effect is certainly worse than the bleaching agent, the damage to the bed is not great. Daily life and ultimately to Taomi, as long as the water left to keep the bed, and soon will be able to make the yellow goods become pale. Do not need the next, and convenient.

4, washed with porridge

Just said, Taomi Shui can be used to bleach, in fact, we use the rice bubble will be issued after the material to bleach. In fact, when the porridge out of the water is also possible.

5, wash with shampoo

Hotel bedding will be directly exposed to the use of hair, many people are oily hair for a long time, a lot of oil on the bed, with detergent is difficult to get rid of the root. It is recommended to use shampoo wash, which can effectively improve the quality of bedding.

6, soaked with hydrogen peroxide after washing

Hydrogen peroxide has a bleaching effect, only need cold water (pay attention to hot water not) soak for some time, turn laundry detergent clean, you can make the hotel bedding bright as new