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Hotel Bedding Industry Is A Very Promising Industry

Nov 01, 2017

Sleep is an indispensable part of every day of life for each of us. The quality of sleep is also directly related to our physical health, affecting our daily mental state. Whether it is in the hotel room or in our own home, the selection and cleaning of bedding are very important. Our sleep time about eight hours a day, that is, our daily 1/3 of the time are spent in bed, lying on a bed with a good bedding is how wonderful and comfortable ah. So a good bedding hotel disposable slippers allows us to have a pleasant mood.

Light has advanced bedding is enough, in fact, health is also a focus can not be ignored. Usually, the body can discharge 1000 ml of sweat every day and night, the oil is semi-liquid, the weekly secretion of 200 to 300 ml from the skin. And the bedding on the existence of bacteria and microorganisms to these oils and sweat as nutrients and breeding, so the bedding becomes the most secret place, A nasty smell of nausea. Our own home bedding often wash, the best two or three days to take out a sun drying sun, the sun is the best gift to the people of nature, the sun can be issued to the ultraviolet light to a strong bactericidal effect, so that those Lice, bacteria away from our bedding. Procurement, bedding, we usually said that the four sets and six sets, that is, quilt, bed sheets, pillowcases, etc., and towels are the same home textile industry, in the selection, in addition to marriage bed, should go Choose some of the more elegant color, texture, relatively soft bedding. The hotel in the purchase of bedding in order to create a good sleep environment for the guests to enhance the image of the hotel, are generally selected white solid cotton, because the solid color looks more clean and comfortable, and white often washed, then not like Dark as easy to fade was old, the service life is generally longer than the dark.

Bedding industry is a very promising industry, because people's living standards improve people's quality of life requirements are getting higher and higher, and bedding is the necessities of our lives, even if the times progress, technology and then developed And it will never be eliminated.