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Hotel Bedding Need To Pay Attention To What Hidden Dangers?

Aug 08, 2017

  Hotel bedding need to pay attention to what hidden dangers?

  The quality of hotel bedding is that we are more concerned about the hotel after the problem, then how do we judge the pros and cons of bedding? AQSIQ has said in the sample report, the hotel bedding the main quality problems exist in the following areas: First, a small number of formaldehyde content of the product exceeded the serious; Second, the washing rate of change in the size of the project failed; Third, the color fastness of the project is not Qualified; Fourth, the product logo more problems. According to the above aspects of targeted selection, it is possible to reduce the risk. The specific side is as follows:

  1, smell smell

  Some bedding hidden formaldehyde, formaldehyde content was actually nearly 50 times the standard limit. Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong smell of gas. Smell "smell", if the product exudes a stimulating smell, there may be formaldehyde residue, it is best not to use. Even if the newly bought bedding do not rush to use, be sure to wash the fabric, and drying in the sun for a long time. Formaldehyde in the water has a good solubility, after washing will effectively eliminate harmful substances. In addition, the summer placed in the closet of the quilt should pay attention, which will absorb a lot of formaldehyde, be sure to fully dry and then use.

  2, find famous goods

  Bed sheets shrink, wash the quilt after the smaller, is often encountered trouble. Preferred large-scale well-known enterprises of products, these enterprises better product quality; and some no-name, small factory products are best not to buy. There are many on the market under the name of "Shanghai", "Guangdong" production of products is not necessarily the origin, it is likely to be far from small workshop production products.

  3, look at the appearance

  Many people think that bedding is not a big thing, but experts point out that people will sweat when sweating, sweat some of the material more or less with the dyes in the textile chemical reaction, sweat will dye reduction Into harmful substances, and then absorbed through the human skin cancer. Currently on the market of different grades of bedding, the price difference is large, workmanship and quality gap is also large. The quality of the product is relatively smooth cloth uniform, delicate texture, printing clear, full of luster, sewing evenly. Such as uneven product layout, texture sparse, pattern disorder, rough sewing, the quality is difficult to guarantee that the color fastness may not be standard.

  4, check the logo

  Product instructions can be used in the form of tags, labels, packing instructions, instructions, etc., can be used in one or more, but the contents must be specified: the manufacturer's name and address, product name, specification model, the use of raw materials And content, washing methods, the implementation of standards, quality level, quality certification and so on. Bedding requirements specify the size of the specifications, fill the quality and surface / lining, filler fiber name and content. Each product should be packaged to ensure that no scattered, no damage, no pollution, not damp. Different forms of content should be consistent, and the specification model, the use of raw materials and content, washing methods must use the durability label.

  Hotel bedding is the hotel hotel must pay attention to the important aspects, which is related to the quality and credibility of the hotel, in the purchase of bedding must be carefully identified, select high-quality bedding in order to allow customers to use, in order to speed up the hotel development of.