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Hotel Bedding Satin Fabric And Jacquard Fabric Which Is More Washable?

Jul 25, 2017

  Hotel bedding satin fabric and jacquard fabric which is more washable?

  Long-term in the hotel industry has a saying, satin fabric than jacquard fabric washable, because such a statement a lot of hotels know that satin fabric has been eliminated, still add satin products. In the end satin fabric and jacquard fabric which is more resistant to washing it?

  Satin strips are arranged in a crisscross pattern of satin weave, and the jacquard fabric is presented with a pattern on the satin fabric, and the pattern part of the organization is made of complex jacquard tissue, , The pattern is large and small, jacquard part of the proportion of the entire fabric area is very small, Hotel bedding if you choose "feather flower" pattern, flower part of the proportion of the entire cloth is very small, feather flowers and feather flowers Between the large area is empty, the empty part of the latitude and longitude is a great density of satin weave, both soft and washable, and satin fabric satin and satin at the junction of the part is actually the edge of the border line, this The dividing line is actually covered with the entire fabric, so the feather flower pattern jacquard fabric washability far more than the satin fabric, as well as water ripples, the Great Wall grid and other fabrics covered with fabric than satin fabric Washable.

  In the hotel room supplies, pillowcases, quilt, bed sheets are also different degrees of washing:

  Pillow is the most easy to dirty, the most difficult to wash, bear the washing strength is the largest. Because now 90% of people are oily hair and baking oil, the general pillowcase style is the reverse opening, it can not be used in positive and negative.

  Sheets are easier to dirty, Hotel bedding is more difficult to wash, especially stubborn liquid stains are difficult to clean, bear the washing intensity followed. Because bed sheets are most often subject to liquid stains.

  Quilt is the most easy to dirty, but also the most easy to wash, bear the minimum washing intensity. Because the quilt is covered in the body, and we used the style of positive and negative flush openings, quilt can be used in positive and negative, if the side of the opening, the quilt can also be used head and tail swap.

  Therefore, the hotel generally use satin fabric to do bed sheets, because the bed is laid in the quilt below, so there is no pattern is indifferent, satin fabric has a good washability and feel and comfort, and full of luster. Hotel bedding Washing and comfort are the most important for bed sheets. The quilt is paved in bed, the guests into the room will be able to see, so the general use of jacquard fabrics, flower-rich jacquard quilt to enhance the grade of the room and increase the warmth of the room has an important role. Pillow fabric must be matched with the quilt, so you must also use jacquard fabric. Because the pillowcase is the washing strength and frequency of the largest, damage is the most serious, so generally by increasing the proportion of pillowcases to solve this problem.

  More regular washing company in the washing, Hotel bedding quilt, pillowcases, bed sheets are separated to wash, because the washing intensity and time is not the same.