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Hotel Bedding Used Note

Feb 16, 2017

1. do not wash the product: fiber powder fiber core, made of duvets, cotton, silk, wool (blanket) feather pillow, in the above product must coat) over time (1-2 months) must be removed after core outdoor ventilation to cool the Sun day, slap a few times.

2. spewing the batteries, made by quilting protection pads, washable.

3. depth of products should be washed separately, dark objects do not use bleach, please use a neutral detergent for silk products, the best dry cleaner.

4. private laundry facilities laundry washing, note that items cannot be filled with hard objects (such as coins, keys), so as to avoid damage to the machine and clothing.

5. Storage: items must be washed before cold drying (drying) is dry, sealed bag to store in a cool, dry place.