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Hotel Bedding With The Skills Analysis

Aug 08, 2017

  Hotel bedding with the skills analysis

  Now many hotels in order to meet the different needs of the guests, are to provide guests with a warm and restful environment, including hotel bedding directly affects the quality of sleep. So many previously used only in the family of bathrobes, bed sheets, pillows and so slowly into the hotel room, a lot of guests into the room, there will be home feeling, and the hotel hotel is the highest pursuit of the feeling of home. If the guests to the hotel as a home, you feel this hotel business will not fire it?

  Hotel bedding is very important, in general, people do not know how to match the bedding, are to go to the mall to buy any purposeless to buy some bedding. Bedding is generally prepared for their own family, first of all with some of the fabric is more comfortable and comfortable bedding, which is essential. The best choice to use environmentally friendly printing and dyeing of high-density cotton fabric or silk fabric, because the comfortable feel can create a warm feeling.

  Bedding with the most important is the color of the match, which is an important part of the decision to decorate the bedding. In general, the color tone is divided into warm colors, cool colors and neutral tones. Warm colors will be warm into your body and mind, ignited cheerful emotions, agate red, Jiuhong, bright red, hawthorn, brown ... ... bring the joy of spring. Cold colors, such as white, silver, blue, blue, dark blue, sapphire blue ... ... so that you think of bright blue sky, pure clouds, deep universe, clear streams, so irritable and breeze blowing, quiet Zhiyuan. Neutral color, such as okra yellow, light green, yellow, beans, gray and green, light crimson, light purple, light coffee ... ... passing the peace and joy of love, indifferent Mingzhi, detailed and wishful.

  Hotel hotel bedding with not only this. Because they have the important function of creating and transforming the hotel environment and adapting to the needs of consumers with different aesthetic pleasures. So also has a color match, pattern with the production methods and other aspects of the mix. A variety of mix, the proliferation of colorful bedding, for the beautification of people's lives icing on the cake.