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Hotel Beddings For The Guests To Create A Good Rest Environment

Sep 30, 2017

Hotel room supplies, exquisite and comfortable hotel room bedding suite is very large, it not only for the hotel room to add beauty and warm, but also for the guests to create a good rest environment. Therefore, learn how to properly buy hotel room bedding, can be described as very useful.

All relevant product specifications are set according to the size of the bed. General bed (mattress) specifications are the following: 90cm × 190cm, 120cm × 190cm, 150cm × 190cm, 180cm × 200cm, 200cm × 200cm, the general height of the mattress 17-20cm. Bed plus mattress height of 45-48cm

Ancillary products and specifications are:

Bed size (170-270cm × 270-280cm), bed linen (90-205cm × 192-205cm, bed skirt (90-205cm × 190-205cm), bedspread (90-205cm × 190-205cm), protective pad (90-205cm × 190-205cm). The above specifications for the size of the surrounding, the height of the four weeks of the bed is generally 22cm, for the protection of Simmons mattresses, bed skirts, bedspreads three sides (bedside side does not need to add side or only 22cm hidden edge) height is generally 45cm, as the decorative edge. General company that specifications for the bed width +45 +45 cm, bed length +45 cm.

Bedspreads, bed skirts, bed linings obvious structure difference: from the cloth and spray cotton through the computer quilted, with the edge of the decoration, bed skirt, single-sided cloth, three sides have skirt decoration, bed Li: single Pastry, wrapped around Simmons mattress.

Bedside pad: Take the Chinese bed as an example: the general width of 35cm, the length of the bed width + 40cm.

Covered cover: quilt, was the core, air-conditioned, blanket, towel was. Specifications are: 150-200cm × 220-230cm), special size can be customized according to customer requirements, the above specifications for the size of the envelope, quilt, air-conditioning style has a pressure side and round edge (from bone) two, the general three The edge is 5cm, from the use of performance considerations do not have to add side. Sealing way with lace, press reed (plastic reed), zipper and so on. Quilts, silk quilts are generally priced by weight. Pillow class: pillowcases, pillow core, hold (pull) pillow, side (by) pillow. Pillowcase (pillow) has a length of the points. General hotel with short pillow up. (Pillow) of the general specifications (inside the size) 5cm × 75cm, 50cm × 80cm, pillowcases style with pressure side and round edge (from the bone) two, the general pressure margin of 5cm, sealing way envelope, opening formula. Short pillow weight is generally 550g-900g, square pillow sets of styles from the bone, pressure side of the two, the general edge of 5cm, sealing way for the chain.

Hotel textile fabric

Generally divided into fabric, lining, filler, decorative fabrics and other accessories five.

Fabric: refers to the fabric used in the production of finished products on the surface of the fabric. The requirements of the opposite cloth, in addition to the inherent quality, but also must have a good appearance. The tear strength, washability, abrasion resistance, hygroscopicity, breathability, feel, color fastness, shrinkage, etc. of the cloth, and the like. Such as hotel bedding fabric, the color requirements are not much, mainly to simple, more emphasis on the texture of the fabric requirements. Different star hotels on the fabric requirements are also different.

Lining: in the course of the use of bedding or hidden in the inside of the cloth and the corresponding fabric.

Filling material: used as a core, air-conditioned, bedspreads, protective mats and other cotton and pillow, pillow, dolls and other fillers. Requirements to have a better flexibility, recovery, feel soft, good warm performance, for the protection of the pad is also required to wash and resistant to rubbing. Commonly used polyester fiber cotton sprayed cotton (loose cotton and soft cotton), scattered fiber, other natural fibers: cotton, cotton, kapok, down and so on. Commonly used fabrics: according to the fabric structure points are plain, twill, satin, jacquard, according to the composition of the fabric and density points T / C11076, T / C13372, cotton 11090,2060, T / C11080. Cotton, silk, linen, polyester, viscose (rayon), and some blends such as polyester / cotton fabrics.

The basic structure of the fabric is divided into plain, twill, satin three. The yarn thickness of the fabric and the weft density of the fabric:

The thickness of the yarn is generally given by number, yarn (English S), denier (code D), such as the number said: the greater the number, the thicker the yarn; such as the number of points: the smaller the value, The thicker the yarn. Clothing generally with 60S-80S, bedding with 30S-45S.

Latitude and longitude: 10cm by or latitude to the number of yarn, or an inch (2.54cm) how many yarn. Commonly used 30s yarn 68 * 68,30s yarn 78 * 65,40s yarn 110 * 90,40s yarn 110 * 80,40s yarn 90 * 90 cotton yarn has combed and combed points: comb: the total more than 29mm stem Very smooth, smooth and smooth, no impurities. Cardch: yarn stalk thickness uneven, there are impurities (black spots).

General latitude and longitude close to more than 180 known as high density, less than 110 known as low density.