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Hotel Beddings Washing And Maintenance Methods

Nov 03, 2017

hotel room supplies, exquisite, comfortable hotel room Bedding Suite is very large, it not only for the hotel room to add beauty and warmth, but also for the guests to create a good rest environment. Therefore, learn how to choose the right hotel room bedding, can be very useful.

Washing and Maintenance methods

I. Classification washing:

1 Pay attention to product Classification washing: * Bedding Category: Bed linen, bedspread, quilt cover, pillowcases category, bathrobes.

2 separate washing by different levels of contamination.

3 According to the cloth grass color different depth separate washes.

4 The new and old cloth grass separate washing, the old linen natural damage and abnormal damage should be differentiated treatment, the new and old linen strength of different dehydration time should also be different.

5 different fabric components should be washed separately. (such as cotton, T/C, Silk)

Second, for different products to choose different washing methods such as dry cleaning, washing and hot washing. By the core class, pillow-type, blanket products are not suitable for washing.

Third, often check the machine, cloth grass collection and delivery to be careful, to prevent two of pollution and man-made damage, washing fashion load to appropriate, too much or too little to the cloth grass wash and wear have influence, and according to the degree of washing the product to set up different procedures. For example, towel products when dehydrated than sheet type, mouth cloth products faster, shorter time.

IV. Before washing, check whether the items are clamped with hard objects (coins, keys, needle scissors, lighters, etc.). Lest damage to machinery and clothing. Air Machine Check whether there is sharp, iron debris remaining in the machine drum.

V. Pay attention to the water quality of the area: use soft waters. The best treatment of the water quality.

The correct use of detergent, to grasp the reasonable feeding time and temperature, to understand the basic characteristics of detergent and use methods, to avoid direct contact with cotton fabrics with strong acidic or corrosive chemicals. For stubborn stains should be first with warm water (about 40 degrees) plus the corresponding decontamination agent soak for 1-2 hours. Do not use the chlorine bleaching of dark clothing, wash without local washing, must be large area of washing.

The laundry bag is good for the object which is apt to cause the hook or deformation.

Eight, several improper washing methods can easily cause breakage:

1 When the washing time is not correct: in the case of insufficient water volume, especially the bleaching chemicals, so that the detergent concentration in the local cloth grass and damage.

2 improper use of bleach. Misuse of detergent, to different stains, choose the right product.

3 Wash the amount of excessive, clean not thoroughly, residue in clothing.

4 clothes with zipper and easy to hook up the pilling. IX, clothing drying and drying: pay attention to the fabric of different fabrics, select the corresponding drying temperature (general dryer on the instructions). Filler materials, by the core, pillow, blankets, etc. can be directly exposed to sunlight under the sun, with a few hands pat. If the dark fabric, facing the sun, silk fabrics should not be too sun exposure, should be cool sun.

Ten, storage, seasonal items in dry after the best use of dense bags, storage to dry and ventilated place. Xi, several cloth grass fabric normal machine washing about the service life: Cotton sheets, pillowcases: 130-150 times, blended (cotton 35%) 180-220 times, towel Category: 100-110 times. Tablecloth, cloth: 120-130 times.

12. Common problems in washing process and treatment methods:

1, sheet (tablecloth) on the rust stains, with oxalic acid treatment, after the machine to wash, after washing, found that rust stains still not removed. Acidizing treatment is the last process in the laundry process, the advantages and disadvantages of the acid agent is very important in the laundry supplies, it can make up for the previous process defects and shortcomings, so that the washing things perfect, to achieve the ideal state. Some laundry room commonly used oxalic acid, this is unworthy. Calcium oxalate precipitates in the water without softening, and is adsorbed on the fabric, making the fabric dusty, hardened and brittle. With oxalic acid except rust is not net, temporary. This reaction fe+++ (brownish brown) fe++ (light green) is reversible, residue on the fabric of the fe++ by drying, day long see the air oxidation and again into fe+++, only in oxalic acid add other acidic complexing agent or other rust-removing compounds, so that it forms a stable complex or chelate can be removed.

2, in the washing and catering department small square, the use of the laundry room special whitening powder and chlorine bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite But the effect is not good, serious hair ash reason: ① before washing first to understand the washing square area of water quality, is soft or hard, if it is hard, it shows calcium and magnesium ions and metal ions high content, then in the wash must be added Soft water agent, in the reprocessing must use Neutralizer. ② washing Towel, the best use of oxygen bleaching powder and washing detergent together, do not use chlorine bleaching powder, because chlorine bleaching powder is strong oxidation, towel is easy to damage. ③ hard water can produce calcium magnesium ions to form calcium and magnesium soap, calcium and magnesium soap itself is a kind of dirt, commonly known as soap or alkali flower. The residual scale of calcium and magnesium soap is difficult to remove the net, long time accumulates it will destroy the fiber and the pigment, causes the clothing, the cotton fabric to become slightly hard, loses luster, and changes the shade, to the fiber the harmfulness is very big, appears brittle, breaks, the fastness reduces and so on phenomenon. Iron in the water in the form of ions or ionic compounds, such as deposition on the fabric or become brown spots, will make the whole white fabric yellow, so that the color of the ribbon fabric darkened, and the bleach has a certain catalysis, serious will also lead to fabric breakage.