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Hotel BeddingsHow To Choose The Right Supplies

Aug 28, 2017

Hotel bedding purchase, for the hotel is one of the major things in terms of the choice of hotel bedding is appropriate to directly affect the hotel occupancy rate and cost, blind pursuit of cheap or stubborn choice of high-end is not the final good policy , Only to pick out their own talents for the hotel to bring good income.

Hotel linen buy:

For the hotel is one of the major things, because the hotel linen choice or not directly affect the hotel occupancy rate and cost, so how to buy hotel linen has become a key point, one that the pursuit of cheap or stubborn The choice of high-end is not the final good policy, only to pick out the grass for the hotel can bring good benefits for the hotel.

Select the hotel linen mainly divided into three categories

First, the choice of room linen (bed sheets, quilt, pillowcases, Zhenxin, protective mats, bed skirts, etc.);

Second, the choice of bathroom linen (bath towels, towels, towels, bathrobes, etc.);

Third, the choice of food cloth grass (tablecloths, chair cover, etc.).

The choice of fabric:

Hotel bedding linen is generally divided into cotton and polyester-cotton two, most of the hotel is used cotton cloth grass, because the cotton feel comfortable, good skin, the human body feel natural, good ventilation, cotton is also According to the cloth yarn density: 80Sx80S, 80Sx60S, 60Sx60S, 60Sx40S, 40Sx40S, so 60S and above, the requirements of the cotton is particularly high, generally only Xinjiang cotton and Pakistan cotton can be achieved, and now the textile are generally used 60S for the product standards, this product feel good, can not afford the ball, long life

The choice of core class:

The core is divided into feathers, down and silk, feather and feathers are used more, feather silk by the core and feather pillow pillow selection is very simple to determine the inside is feathers can be, mainly down, Duck down, in the industry than the former 40% of the former; there are down the cashmere is also must pay attention to the problem, pillow core generally filled with 30% of the cashmere is very good, the core is generally 50% to 90% Not depending on the hotel.

The choice of towels:

Mainly on the requirements of cotton yarn and yarn, a good cotton yarn woven towel than ordinary cotton yarn durable, good water absorption, which is the hotel side of the most important point.