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How Should Students Choose Bedding Sets?

Jun 16, 2017

  How should students choose Bedding Sets?

  The school Bedding Sets market will usher in an unusually hot scene. As we all know, Bedding Sets is closely related to our life, 24 hours a day, but people spend half their time in bed. Therefore, the choice of good Bedding Sets, will make our lives more comfortable. So in the school season, how should students choose Bedding Sets?

  Bedding Sets in the market generally uses pure cotton, polyester-cotton, dyed cotton and other fabrics as a fabric, a variety of fabrics have their own characteristics, the price is not the same. Cotton Bedding Sets has the advantage of good feel, comfortable use, easy to dye, rich variety of flower type varieties, soft and warm, hygroscopicity strong, washable, with less electrostatic; but the disadvantage is easy wrinkle, easy to shrink, the elasticity is poor, acid is not alkali-resistant, should not be at 100 degrees Celsius above the high temperature long time processing, therefore the cotton product ironing best sprays wet, easy to iron the flat.

  In addition, like dyed cotton, high density jacquard cotton, polyester and cotton, silk, etc., is also used Bedding Sets fabrics. These fabrics also vary. The warp and weft of different colours. Dyed pure cotton has the characteristic of pure cotton fabric, but it usually has a larger shrinkage rate. High-density jacquard cotton fabric feel thick, durable performance, fabric finish high, is a more advanced cotton fabrics. Polyester-cotton compact thick, exterior luster, feel good. The appearance of silk gorgeous, rich, natural soft light and flashing effect, feel comfortable, high strength, elasticity and hygroscopicity than cotton good, but easy to dirty, strong sunlight heat resistance than cotton poor.

  In addition to the choice of Bedding Sets fabrics, students in the purchase of Bedding Sets, but also pay attention to size and seasonality. Be sure to choose the right size according to the size of the bed. Too big, the bed will fall out of the edge, easily soiled, too small to cover the bed, sleep is not comfortable. In addition, the school is already autumn, so students in the purchase of Bedding Sets, but also pay attention to its thickness and warmth.