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How The Hotel Bedding Is More Reasonable

Nov 01, 2017

In the purchase of hotel supplies, hotel bedding especially the quality of the hotel linen is very important, different sizes of manufacturers of cotton raw materials manufacturers use the region is different, different manufacturers of cloth dyeing process is different, the quality is different, the natural price also Different.

In the hotel industry is the most commonly used polyester fabric TC, polyester and cotton with gold, both to keep the cloth skin feeling, hotel bedding but also to solve the cloth durable, washable, shrinking and other issues.

Many people think that the more beautiful the better style, it is not true. Many do not understand the purchase of room linen hotel directly to the textile company to do, in fact, hotel design and home textiles design is completely two concepts.

Hotel focus on the first element is clean and sanitary, followed by the aesthetic degree, the design of the core must be from the hotel user point of view to consider, simple, weary, the whole.

Silk fabric luster is particularly good, hotel bedding soft and delicate, smooth, cool hand, with the fire will quickly burn, release the flame, burned into a group, after the smell will be made into a black ball, handy will be crushed.

Silk fabric is a protein fiber, overbased, high temperature and friction will be destroyed, in the last time to wash the water when adding a small amount of white vinegar or acetic acid, silk fabric can improve the effect of silk.

Silk fabric after washing can not be high temperature drying or sun in a strong sun, otherwise it will affect the gloss and strength, hotel bedding if the use of household iron, can not be too high temperature. The most important point among the grass is clean and tidy, neatly standardized can be standardized, training, clean and also related to the inspection regulations. A large hotel every day need to clean things much more, hotel bedding one of the largest single is the sheets, sheets, when we walked into a hotel into the room after the clean and bright single to see the mood will be great, the impression of the hotel will well.