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How To Prevent The Hotel Bedding Fade

Jul 13, 2017

  How to prevent the hotel bedding fade

  Today, the white-based hotel bedding has been unable to meet the requirements of consumers, with the emergence of the theme of the hotel, colorful, changing style hotel bedding, a new concern. But this kind of bedding in the cleaning will appear more or less fade problem, once fade, it will affect the hotel bedding beauty. Xiaobian today to tell you how to prevent the flesh of bedding.

  The first move: to participate in toilet water - the appropriate cotton fabric and wool fabric approach: first in accordance with the usual way to clean the hotel bedding, rinse clean, add a few drops of toilet water in the water, and then clean the bed soaked in such books ten minutes. Advantages: clean the bed with this method can also play a disinfectant sterilization and sweat effect.

  The second measure: acetic acid may be edible vinegar - for red or purple and other colorful bed approach in the wash before these, to the water with some of the general vinegar bubble on it! But the amount of vinegar can not be too much, or simple to light color bedding some dyeing.

  The third measure: anti-drying method (especially useful for dark bed supplies), that is, the bedside products in turn exposure. Most of the fabric bedding can not be directly shining the sun, because the ultraviolet light is the culmination of the dodge of bedding. So not only in turn exposure, conditional, as far as possible on the local ventilation in the bed with the sun dry.

  The above is Xiaobian to introduce the method to prevent the hotel bedding fade. These methods we can go back to try, we will certainly be a surprise. The above recipe can only play a certain auxiliary effect, the most fundamental and most effective approach is the hotel in the hotel supplies company to purchase hotel bedding, the selection of quality is really excellent bedding.