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How To Wash Bedding Sets?

Jun 01, 2017

How to wash Bedding Sets?

When washing bedding, use the correct method, not only can make its luster keep bright, also can enhance its service life. Washing bedding, often we will have a misunderstanding: washing bedding is a program. In fact, according to the process of bedding, color, fabric, size and so on, in the washing process, and can not adopt a unified mode operation. The following small series to introduce several common bedding washing methods.

Washing of printing type bedding

1. The detergent with bleach ingredient is forbidden;

Bleach has a strong decontamination power, but it has a bleach function. It is easy to cause the color of the printing products to fade off.

2. Wait for detergent fully dissolved in water and then into bedding;

Whether machine wash or hand wash, select good detergent, after the detergent in the water fully dissolved, and then put into the dirty quilt cover. Such a dirty quilt can fully absorb detergent in the cleaning molecules, more conducive to the cleaning of bedding.

3. Can not be immersed in water for a long time (generally not more than 1 hours);

Long immersion in the water, not only on the color of the printed quilt damage, while too long soaking will cause the fabric expansion, deformation, shorten its service life.

4. Not long time in the sun exposure;

Prolonged exposure also makes bedding fade.

The washing of embroidered bedding

Embroidery products are mostly made of computer embroidery, but also partly by hand embroidery, embroidery products washing when the biggest worry is afraid of embroidered silk thread, ladder, or even bad hook, washing embroidery products In addition to the printing products in 1, 2, 3, point, Remember, before the 3rd immersion, the Embroidery quilt cover to turn out, the side of the embroidery into. In the washing machine which has dissolved the detergent, must take the gentle washing way.

4. Wash the Embroidery class bedding no matter how much your washing machine has, you can only wash this kind of bedding. Do not put any other clothing, to prevent other clothing buttons or metal products and embroidered silk filament winding

5. Embroidery Quilt Cover before the sun, as far as possible to draw the quilt to dry flat and then drying, the conditions drying the family also try to avoid drying. Because the Ribbon in the embroidery quilt can be deformed in the process of drying, resulting in unsightly. Be sure to take low temperature when ironing.