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Newly Bought Hotel Hotel Bedding How To Wash?

Oct 13, 2017

Newly bought hotel hotel bedding how to wash?

In our daily life, usually the new clothes to buy back will not wear directly, but after washing will be worn, so many people have doubts, then the new hotel hotel bedding to wash it? Some people will say, anyway, the new fold is very neat do not wash, directly to the new quilt opened to use, in fact, this should not be. Since the newly purchased hotel hotel bedding needs to be cleaned in advance, then we should know its washing method.

There are a lot of people ask, cloth pillowcases really beautiful, is not in use before the first wash again, but afraid of color, how do? In fact, the hotel hotel bedding and underwear are the same personal, and some people may be allergic to the pigment, which appears dermatitis and other symptoms, so the best use before cleaning it again. There is a reason is that in its production process will inevitably be the hands of many people, it will inevitably be dirty.

Of course, some people say that the new purchase of bedding are washed again, dry, or have a great smell. This problem has been plagued by this consumer, how should it be resolved? In fact, this problem is a good solution.

First: the new hotel hotel bedding, four sets should be washed and dried after use;

Second: bed washing, the use of appropriate washing solution, master the correct method, in order to remove the product of the smell;

Third: the use of textile products to buy, whether it is bedding, or clothes, if the smell pungent, should be carefully purchased.

In the warm water into the amount of alkaline detergent dissolved after hand washing or machine wash can be. At the same time, the four sets of the best not to mix with other clothes washed, so as to avoid cross-dyeing. Here also remind you that cotton material has a slight fade is a normal phenomenon, if it is a very serious fade, it may belong to the quality of the problem. For other hotel hotel bedding, not easy to clean, for example, by the core, Zhenxin, Xiao Bian recommended the best in the sun to dry, or in the ventilated place spread out some smell, so use more comfortable.