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Pillow How High The Most Suitable And Maintenance Skills

Oct 23, 2017

How high the pillow is the most suitable actually does not have an exact answer, this mainly looks at the personal demand. But the pillow is what we need to sleep, although small but not negligible. If the choice of pillow sleep is not appropriate, will affect the quality of sleep, can not relieve the body and mind fatigue, over time, but also endanger the health. Therefore, the next step is to introduce the most suitable pillow and pillow maintenance skills.

1. Pillow height is the most suitable

Pillows are the main bedding that keeps the neck in the normal position during sleep, so the balance of the external muscles of the cervical spine can be ensured only by choosing the right height of the pillow. If the pillow is improperly used, it may cause the neck muscle group to lose its external balance. But if you are in your life, the pillow is very long, it can lead to repeated stiff neck or cervical degeneration. Generally speaking, the pillow is too high, will make the neck excessive flexion, easily lead to internal and external imbalance of the vertebral canal. This long-term, it is easy to the spinal cord, nerve and blood vessels to produce oppression, resulting in cervical spondylosis and other symptoms.

If the long-term in the low pillow or no pillow, then it is not good, so that the neck will be long in the excessive extension of the state, over time, easy to lead to the enlargement of the cervical anterior convex curvature. The muscle and anterior longitudinal ligament in front of the vertebral body appear fatigue due to excessive tension and may cause chronic injury. So low pillow sleep is also unscientific. However, in life, the height of the pillow directly affects the ability to maintain the body position of the cervical vertebra before sleep, and to prevent or accelerate the degeneration of the healthy cervical spine. All in particular, some patients with cervical spondylosis, but also according to the changes in the condition, at any time to appropriate adjustment of the height of the pillow.

So many people in life will worry about all kinds of cervical problems, then this time to choose a suitable pillow for themselves is very important. So how good is the pillow? And the average adult pillow height is generally 8-15cm advisable, while the pillow because of the choice of breathable, and with the height of regulation, physiological position as a good pillow.

2. Pillow Maintenance Skills

Pillow shape, size, material, height, hardness and sleep posture will have a great impact on human health. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a pillow that is comfortable and wholesome for you. In short, only the choice of pillows, with the pillow, the correct maintenance of pillows, to ensure a comfortable sleep, the real peace of care.

Some pillows look clean, but the pillow faint smell, this is not often dry pillow reason. Some with cotton, herbs, bean shells and other plant materials filled with pillow easy to absorb sweat, some insects will be produced in sweat stains of the pillow, they are using bacteria, virus breeding, and to some infectious diseases to provide a means of transmission.

Finally, it is important to keep pillow clean, to protect yourself and to benefit others. Often wash head, is a good way to keep pillow clean, but more important is to do often change our pillow, no need to wash every day, twice a week or can do it.