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Pillow How To Clean The Pillow

Aug 28, 2017

Pillows are particularly prone to yellow, if the pillow is not often cleaned, it will breed a lot of mites, it is uncomfortable, long face acne, and even have an impact on health, so wash the pillow is necessary. Teach you how to clean the pillow like a new one?

One, ordinary pillow yellow

Because the body will shed oil, all the pillow with a period of time will be yellow. If the yellowing, you can put the pillow into the washing machine, and then poured into the detergent, detergent, a small amount of bleach there are about half a cup of sand, and then in accordance with the normal washing machine cleaning method to clean it. If your pillow is a latex pillow or a spring pillow, you can not wash it like this.

Second, chemical fiber pillow

Chemical fiber pillow is made of artificial fiber pillow, generally not breathable, the use of a long time is particularly easy to become agglomerated, while showing the situation of varying levels.

How should I clean?

You can use a relatively mild detergent, you can use hand washing or machine cleaning are possible. If you want the machine to be cleaned, you can put a towel inside and then clean it together, so you can balance the speed of the water. After washing the best choice of drying method, this can make the pillow to restore flexibility, become more fluffy more soft.

Three, latex pillow

Latex pillow general flexibility is very good, not easy to deformation, while the support force is very strong. According to the data show that latex pillows on the development of young children is particularly good, there will be no dust and fiber affect the child's respiratory health, while it can also help massage, promote blood circulation.

How to clean it?

First prepare a pot of cold water, and then add some cleaning agent, then put the pillow into the hand gently press the pillow, until the pillow washed so far. The remaining cleaning agent clean, and then rinse with water and then clean it.

Four, feather pillow

This pillow is very fluffy, you can make the head to get a good massage effect, will not be deformed, while feather pillow texture light, not hot at the same time very breathable and some other features.

How to clean it?

Down the water is particularly easy to catch the ball, so do not use water to clean, you can often put it in a ventilated place gently beat the pillow, let it become fluffy, it will remove the sweat or water vapor, so do Can be sterilized.


If it is health pillows do not wash with water, this will lose its original efficacy, you can put the sun exposure, and then tap can.