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Pillow Is To Accompany Us To Sleep Every Day Necessities

Jun 02, 2017

  Pillow is to accompany us to sleep every day necessities, if the pillow does not often clean, will breed a lot of mites, the body is uncomfortable, the face of acne, and even health is affected. Pillow is particularly easy to yellow, once yellow look at the feeling disgusting, so wash pillows is necessary. Today's Little series teaches you how to clean pillows like new?

  If the pillow is yellow

  Because the human body will secrete grease, all pillows will be yellow for a period of time. If yellow, you can put the pillow in the washing machine, and then pour into the washing powder, detergent, a small amount of bleach and half a cup of sand, and then according to the normal washing machine cleaning method to clean. If your pillow is latex pillow or a spring pillow and so on can not be washed like this.

  Second, chemical fiber pillow

  Chemical Fiber pillow is made of man-made fiber pillow, generally not too breathable, the use of long time is particularly easy to become caking, at the same time showing a high and low situation.

  How to clean?

  You can use a relatively mild detergent, you can use hand washing or machine cleaning is OK. If you want the machine to be cleaned, you can put a towel in it and clean it together so that you can balance the speed of the water. After washing, it is best to choose the drying method, so that the pillow can restore elasticity, become more fluffy and more soft.

  III. Latex Pillow

  Latex pillows Generally elastic is very good, not too easy to deform, while the support force is very strong. According to the data, latex pillows are particularly good for developing adolescent children, without dust and fiber affecting the child's respiratory health, while also helping to massage and promote blood circulation.

  How to clean it?

  First, prepare a basin of cold water, then add some detergent, then put the pillow, gently press the pillow with your hands until the pillow has been cleaned. Clean the remaining detergent and rinse it with water.