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Pillow With A Certain Degree Of Softness Of The Items

Sep 14, 2017

Pillows, usually refers to people sleeping in the head and have a certain degree of softness of the items. From the modern medical research, the human body's spine, from the front to see is a straight line, but the side is to see that there are four curves of physiological bending, in order to protect the normal physiological bending of the neck, to maintain normal physical activity when people sleep, people sleep Pillow must be used. Pillows generally by the pillow and pillowcase two parts.

What pillow can "sit back and relax" sleep with a pillow, but did not really studied it. From ancient times the pillow is rectangular, showing that the shape of the pillow in line with the physiological curve, long to use to ensure that the human spine and cervical health, can also get a good rest. What kind of pillow is good in the end? How should the pillow choose? Here to look at.

Pillow is located in the center of the head, the upper side of the neck, surrounded by the neck, which is the right pillow pillow pillow position, pillow's role is to maintain the normal physiological curve, choose the height and hardness of the pillow is also the key to maintaining health.

Pillow height is generally different, so completely relax the body, supine the best pillow height of 8-15cm, pillow is too high, no matter what position to sleep will affect sleep, can not keep the normal cervical convex convex, But will be backward, which will increase the burden on the cervical spine, but also may have the phenomenon of stiff neck. Poor pillows can cause facial and facial swelling.

Young people are generally willing to use feather pillow, soft, so that the pillow is not good, in Taobao sell very fire on the flexible pillow is also good, soft and hard moderate, breathable ok, the use of scalp in the process is also very comfortable Blood circulation, increase the body's metabolism, the width of the pillow is generally better than the width of the shoulder, do not sleep too small pillow, too small pillow can not support the neck, too small will affect the safety of sleep, Like that. Which is filled with buckwheat pills, generally pillow up more comfortable.

Basic modeling

The element is a basic shape that supports the neck

Groove design, the middle is lower than the surrounding, in addition to moderate support for the head, but also can gently support the neck. Left and right sides of the thick, you can automatically adapt to sleep in the side of the body when the side of the height of sleep. So that each part of the shape can guarantee your ideal sleeping position. Appropriate treasure pillow 5 basic modeling include 5 parts, (before and after the left and right side and middle parts), moderate support the neck. Each part can guarantee your best posture. Neck Unit: Gentle support of the middle part of the neck: lower than the surroundings, in order to support the head. Both sides are relatively thick, sleep side of the body can automatically adapt to the body side of the reference to sleep height.

Suitable height

Element two suitable height

Personally think that you can choose from five kinds of basic height, more than 10 kinds of height adjustment pillow. Human sleep is actually the same as standing posture when the most comfortable, that is, when the body needs to sleep about 5 degrees. If you do not sleep pillow, at least not to support the head! Make your neck vertebral body gradually easy to deformation! Do not sleep pillow or pillow is too low problem is not small. "Qingdao pillow mind" also said that the pillow is high, even if you sleep and rest time is very long, but also rest is not good! This may be your long sleep time but the old feeling of physical difficulties important reason!


Elements three good filling material

Filling material determines the hardness and efficacy of the pillow. Tend to choose the natural material is more popular, kapok, vanilla, buckwheat shell, cotton, flowers, etc., can also add a good natural physical therapy materials to increase the effectiveness of pillows, such as silkworm, cassia seed, Chinese incense, lavender, Ligustrum lucidum, Ginkgo biloba and so on. You can choose more than 10 kinds of different basic filler and more than 40 kinds of composite filler, making the pillow has a different flexibility, hardness and natural effects, so that customers choose a suitable one. But also according to the different filler material will be divided into soft pillow pillow, hard pillow and neutral pillow three categories, to facilitate customer choice, the other pillow and more use of hard and soft double-sided structure, the customer can choose according to their own preferences Quickly into sleep.

In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma need to sleep pillow; suffering from low blood pressure, anemia, people need to sleep low pillow. Pillow too high or too low are harmful to human health. So for the normal people, the height of the pillow is how high it is appropriate? General awareness is: the habit of supine people pillow high punch, used to sleep side of the pillow high punch half more appropriate. However, according to medical investigation, healthy people in the 8 hours of sleep, posture change about 20-45 times, and half of the posture in less than 5 minutes to change once, of which 60% is supine, 35% is the side, 5% Prone. So although people need the height of the pillow is often vary, with each person tall, fat and thin, shoulder width, head circumference, neck length and length of the arc, there is no certain standard, but most people sleep due to the use of supine position More time, the general doctor will recommend the use of a little more than the height of the box is appropriate, should not reach a punch half of the height.