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Pillow With A Certain Degree Of Softness Of The Items

Sep 30, 2017

Pillows, usually refers to people sleeping in the head and have a certain degree of softness of the items. From the modern medical research, the human body's spine, from the front to see is a straight line, but the side is to see that there are four curves of physiological bending, in order to protect the normal physiological bending of the neck, to maintain normal physical activity when people sleep, people sleep Pillow must be used. Pillows generally by the pillow and pillowcase two parts.

Pillow is located in the center of the head, the upper side of the neck, surrounded by the neck, which is the right pillow pillow pillow position, pillow's role is to maintain the normal physiological curve, choose the height and hardness of the pillow is also the key to maintaining health.

Pillow height is generally different, so completely relax the body, supine the best pillow height of 8-15cm, pillow is too high, no matter what position to sleep will affect sleep, can not keep the normal cervical convex convex, But will be backward, which will increase the burden on the cervical spine, but also may have the phenomenon of stiff neck. Poor pillows can cause facial and facial swelling.

Young people are generally willing to use feather pillow, soft, so that the pillow is not good, in Taobao sell very fire on the flexible pillow is also good, soft and hard moderate, breathable ok, the use of scalp in the process is also very comfortable Blood circulation, increase the body's metabolism, the width of the pillow is generally better than the width of the shoulder, do not sleep too small pillow, too small pillow can not support the neck, too small will affect the safety of sleep, Like that. Which is filled with buckwheat pills, generally pillow up more comfortable.

Pillows generally by the pillow and pillowcase two parts. Pillow core needs to fill the material, so that the pillow in use to maintain a certain height, pillow market filled with a wide variety of materials, including Chinese herbal medicines such as cassia, wild chrysanthemum, silkworm; grain such as buckwheat shell, And the use of modern technology processing materials such as porous vacuum cotton, slow rebound sponge, etc. are in the market penetration rate is very high filler material. Chinese herbal medicine since ancient times has been considered the best pillow filling material, traditional Chinese medicine: Chinese herbal medicine as a pillow filling material in people's long sleep can slowly play the drug, play them respectively have different effects, you can play To the role of physical care and even treatment of disease. Cereals and other plant materials have been considered to be traditional fillers, mainly because they themselves contain a very rich amino acid composition, in people's sleep through the skin friction and breathing can be part of the body for the absorption of modern technology produced pillow The material is mainly about the comfort of the pillow. There are three basic styles of pillowcases: an ordinary package type, Oxford type (with flat side) and embellishment type. Three pillowcases have a fixed pillow of the seal, so do not have to implement some reinforcement on both sides of the measures. Cotton, cotton and man-made fibers can be used to sew pillowcases, but the most comfortable pillowcase material is cotton fabric, breathable and hygroscopic, and does not irritate the skin.