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Pillows Are Generally Composed Of Two Parts Of Pillow And Pillowcase

Jun 02, 2017

  Pillows are generally composed of two parts of pillow and pillowcase. Pillow core needs to fill the material, so that pillow in use to maintain a certain height, the current pillow market filled with a variety of materials, including Chinese medicinal herbs such as cassia seed, wild chrysanthemum, silkworm sand; there are cereals such as buckwheat shell, millet bran, cotton, as well as the wick grass, toadlike, waste tea, etc. as a material filler, in addition, the use of modern technology to produce materials such as porous vacuum cotton, slow rebound sponge, etc. are in the market penetration of high filling materials.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is considered to be the best pillow-core filler material, Tradition TCM thinks: Chinese herbal medicine as pillow-core filler material in people's long sleep can play the drug slowly, play their different effects, can play the role of health care and even treatment of diseases. Grain and other plant materials have been considered to be traditional filler materials, mainly because they contain a wealth of amino acids, in people's sleep through the skin friction and breathing can be part of the human body absorption, modern technology produced pillow core materials mainly pay attention to the comfort of pillows. Pillowcases have three of the most basic styles: ordinary one-piece, Oxford-style (with flat edges) and hem type. Three pillowcases have a fixed pillow seal, so there is no need to implement some of the reinforcement measures on both sides. Cotton, cotton, polyester and rayon can be used to sew pillowcases, but the most comfortable pillowcase material is cotton fabric, breathable and hygroscopic, and does not irritate the skin.