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Pregnant Women How To Choose Bedding?

Nov 01, 2017

Sleep can be in a negative metabolic state and weight loss of the mother to be protected, so less disease, better control of the cold effect. So bedding for pregnant women is very important and necessary. In order to create a good rest for pregnant women, choose bedding should consider the following:

1. Bed: pregnant women suitable for sleeping wood bed, covered with thick cotton, to avoid the hard board due to lack of the body of the buffer force, so turn over too frequent, more sleepy wake up.

2. Pillow: 9 cm (flat, 9 high is appropriate. Pillow is too high forcing the neck flexion and compression of the carotid artery. Carotid artery is the path of the brain blood supply, blocked blood flow caused by reduced brain hypoxia The

3. quilts: the ideal bedding is cotton cloth wrapped cotton. It is not advisable to use chemical fiber blended fabric for quilt cover and bed sheets. Because chemical fiber cloth is easy to stimulate the skin, causing itching.

4. Mosquito nets: the role of mosquito nets can not only shelter wind, but also adsorption space falling dust to filter the air. The use of mosquito nets is conducive to safe sleep, and to deepen sleep.

Give pregnant women more comfort will be able to bring a healthy baby, so that the family's joy and joy are concentrated here, want to let the family in the joy of the atmosphere will let the new life before the arrival of a good meet him The preparation.