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Quality Identification Of Towel Quality

Sep 28, 2017

Quality identification of towel quality

General guests in the evaluation of a hotel is good or bad, mainly to see the quality of the hotel linen. In particular, everyone will use the quality of the towel. Xiaobian today to tell you about the quality of the hotel linen towel identification method.

First, the towel of raw materials.

1, water absorption. Cotton towel with good water absorption, take a cotton towel gently into the water, rapid water, sinking quickly, remove the wring dry, vertical suspension, no water dripping for cotton. With polyester towels to absorb water slowly, come up with wring dry, the vertical suspension of water drops.

2, appearance. Cotton towel has a good whiteness, towel color pure, with a fine towel whiteness is not, the color is dark, this is a good distinction between the points.

3, burning method. From a different towel to take a fiber, with a lighter to burn, cotton has a natural ashes taste, blow out the fire, the Martian immortal, smoke slightly white with polyester is like a plastic burning solid, burning quickly, there are Smell, blow out the fire, then go out.

Second, the towel style and weight.

The lighter weight of a single towel, the style was good, to prove the better cotton yarn used. On the contrary the weight of towels is not low, towel style is not good, such as hair short, hair, thin. It is proved that the quality of cotton yarn is poor, towel weight error should not be too large, 12 errors are generally 2%, the whole package error is generally 0.5%, genuine rate should generally reach 99.5%, the number of packaging accuracy should generally be 99.9%.

Third, the appearance of defects.

Fine towel should be consistent with the length of the error (error of not more than 1%), hairy together (this point with the towel weaving process has a great relationship, not to say that a good cotton yarn on the hair, but bad cotton yarn is generally missing , Because there is now a dryer, drying in the hair can be Qi, is used for poor cotton yarn towel production, so that to achieve high quality towel style). Towel surface should be no broken diameter, weft, dilapidated road, dense road, bald hair, terry missing, burr, and so on, this will be a towel tiled desktop, or stretch the light can see. Another towel should be clean and tidy, no grease, rust stains, holes, residual edge, no residual thread.

Fourth, sewing quality.

Sewing thread on the requirements of a beautiful, strong and solid, sewing thread should be consistent with the color of the towel, needle pitch should be 2-2.5 per cent, no feet, wrinkles, silk ring, floating line, jump needle, and so on.