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Quilt Characteristics And Identification Methods

Sep 14, 2017

Quilt is a kind of bedding, is enough to cover the human body, rectangular fabric, usually used to keep warm when sleeping. The quilt is usually made of quilt or wrapped in batches, and the quilts made of cotton are called quilts. In addition to quilts, it can also be made of wool such as wool, silk, or acrylic fibers.

Textile industry according to its end use can be divided into three industries, namely, clothing textiles industry, industrial textiles and decorative textiles industry, decorative textiles industry, also known as home textiles that is home textiles industry, bedding industry is home textiles One of the sub-sectors. Bedding is an important part of home textiles, according to the China Textile Association classification: including 1, bed category 2, curtains 3, washing kitchen textiles 4, furniture, textile (cushions, cushions) and so on. Which accounted for the first category of home textile industry, the output value of China's textile industry accounted for more than 1/4, in 2004 reached 100 billion yuan; 2006 output value of 250 billion yuan, including bed sheets, quilts, pillows and other products. In China, the bedding industry is also known as sleepwear industry, or bedding industry, bedding industry and interior soft decoration industry. But most industry people are still accustomed to using the concept of home textile industry. Bedding mainly include: pillow, bedding, mattresses, pillowcases, quilt ... ... the market more popular bedding brand most have their own flagship product, and the concept of the whole bedding is a variety of bedding single room, group 郃For the entire bedroom design, to facilitate the choice of customers. I believe that more and more bedding practitioners will go to a similar business track up.

Fabric selection:

Generally will choose cotton fabric, silk fabric or linen fabric, cotton is wrinkled, but very suitable for winter use, most of the summer will choose silk fabric quilt, comfortable feeling good ventilation. Flax quilt fabric in the country is not a lot, but this fabric quilt is relatively cool to use, mostly used in the Spring and Autumn. Some people will use the fabric of the quilt fabric, liner selection of silk. I personally think that the best high-cotton fabric, high-cotton quilt, fabric count high, fabric density is also high, feel comfortable to use, but it is expensive.

Most people in the purchase of bedding when they will pay attention to what kind of fabric. Some like cotton, some like silk, and some like polyester-cotton. And these fabrics have their own different characteristics, the price is not the same,

The following describes the characteristics of a variety of fabrics and identification methods to help you choose their own quilt.

Polyester products generally use 65 ¶ lap, 35 £ ‰ ratio of polyester and cotton fabrics, polyester and cotton are divided into plain and twill two. Plain polyester cotton cloth thin, strength and wear resistance are very good, shrinkage is very small, made of product shape is not easy to go aliasing, and affordable, durable performance is good, but comfortable fit as cotton. In addition, because polyester is not easy to dye, so polyester-cotton fabrics are mostly light, light colors, this kind of home textiles more suitable for spring and summer use. Twill polyester cotton is usually thicker than the plain weave, so it is dense thick, the surface gloss, feel better than plain weave.

Yarn-dyed cotton is a kind of cotton fabric, is made of different colors, weft yarn weaving. As the first dyeing, dyestuffs, dyed fastness is better, and the heterogeneous yarn fabric three-dimensional sense of strong, unique style, the quilt in the performance of the strip pattern. It has the characteristics of cotton fabric, but usually shrinkage is greater.

High-density high-density jacquard cotton fabric density is particularly large, wide changes in weaving, so fabric feel thick, durable performance, fabric finish high, mostly light-colored from the end of the color flowers, especially chic elegance, is cotton fabric More advanced one.

It is easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, easy to dye, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, easy to shrink, Acid resistant alkali, not at 100 degrees Celsius above the high temperature for a long time, so cotton products, when the best wet spray, easy to iron. Conditional, then, after each use of steam iron will be ironing the product, the effect will be better.

Silk appearance gorgeous, rich, natural soft and flashing effect, feel comfortable, high strength, elasticity and hygroscopicity than cotton is good, but easy to dirty, strong heat resistance to cotton than cotton. Its fiber cross-section was a unique triangle, local moisture reflection after the light changes, easy to form water and difficult to eliminate, so the silk fabric when the pad to the white cloth.