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Quilt Generally Used To Keep Warm When Sleeping

Oct 23, 2017

Quilt is a kind of bedding, is an area enough to cover the human body, rectangular cloth, generally used to keep warm when sleeping. Quilts are usually quilt cover or sheet wrapped with cotton wool, quilt made with a blanket called quilt. In addition to quilts, can also be made of wool, silk, or acrylic fiber and other man-made fibers. Quilts are divided into cotton, wool, silk quilt and physiotherapy, etc.

First, quilt shopping tips and precautions:

Quilt purchase to consider the weight of the quilt to comfort and moderation. We often encounter the following situations: When you sleep halfway, feel the quilt is heavy, pressure will feel not too breathable, feel the more sleep colder, warm effect is not good enough, feel the quilt is very light, insecurity, sleep insecurity, cover a bed quilt when sleeping more easily dream and so on. These circumstances, in addition to the season, quilt material, physical condition, but also directly related to a factor, that is the weight of the quilt.

Quilt overweight will oppress chest, cause lung capacity to reduce, easy to do nightmare, and easy to make the bed temperature more than 35 ℃, so that the body's metabolism, energy consumption increased, sweat increased, wake up feeling tired, sleepy, and easy to catch cold. Quilt purchase also to consider the size of the quilt, home bed is generally 1.5/1.8 meters width, so most of the quilt in the market according to the above standard size, so quilt routine is divided into two people, double and single by three dimensions. Two people are the most common style, 1.5 meters bed choice 200cmx230cm Quilt, 1.8 meters of bed choice 220cmx240cm, these 2 quilt, can be universal. Adult single size, generally more than 180cmx220cm. For teenagers or dormitories, most of them are 150cmx210cm. If it is the quilt that chooses to give the baby to cover, suggest 120cmx150cm.

Quilt purchase to pay attention to the quality of quilts, production process. Quilting track smooth, smooth adhere, no folding cloth, no thread, needle track neat uniform. Sewing track should be evenly, straight, firm, the volume side seam leveling adhere, straight, Coan consistent, not hair.

Second, quilt Maintenance method:

First of all, no matter what quilt you buy, you have to set a quilt cover. This convenient cleaning, especially goose feathers, down quilt, silk quilt. Take off the quilt cover, should be turned over, put in the inside of the place to turn, because the daily life of sundries are piled into the corner of the ups and downs. Boil boiling water, pour into the bucket, and then soak the washing powder, and then water and washing powder soaked five minutes later, put it into the laundry basin, and then let the quilt soaked again, in the meantime when the flip, let the water is soaked. This is the first time to soak. If the water is still dripping, it is recommended not to reach out directly oh, you can use other things to flip oh. Then pour the soaked detergent water again.

Start to wash, water not too much, enough on the good, with the rubbing plate rubbing, because the hand is not enough force is also very normal oh, every corner of the corner to rub the OH. When the washing is almost done, step back and forth with your feet. Over water, at least three times, straight foam did not, and then two hands wring dry, of course, the better to throw buckets. It is recommended that every one months cleaning a quilt cover, love clean will be less sick. At the same time must be good weather oh, this will be immediately dry, otherwise it will be interesting.

All quilts, we recommend that we cover the quilt, such as the use of covering, such as cleaning the quilt can be clean. Quilt storage, the above should not stress, long time pressure will change the shape of the quilt, material elasticity fatigue, fluffy and feel bad, affect the warmth. When you store the quilt, you can add some desiccant to keep the quilt dry.