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Quilt Of The Quilt Method

Jun 16, 2017

  Quilt of the quilt method

  Choose the window breathable time. The general choice sunny, when the light enough for the room through breathable. Conditions permit, you can regularly dry bedding. On the one hand can be moisture, on the other hand is due to the quilt itself will have a lot of insect mites, sunlight will reduce the bacteria, etc., beneficial to good health.

  Store the futon of place to pay attention to moisture. In the room to place some of the items can be moisture to help clean the air impurities. More common lime moisture absorption. Absorbent box: the market is more common absorbent items, generally by the calcium chloride particles, but also add flavor components. Absorbent boxes are used for wardrobe, shoe hygiene. Moisture bag: the best effect of confined space. The principle of the absorbent bag is similar to that of the absorbent box, but the contents are predominantly absorbent resin, which absorbs the water and becomes jelly-like. The use of a wider range, in addition to clothing, leather goods, stamps, cameras, piano, computer, video and so can find it to help dehumidification. If placed in a confined space, the moisture absorption effect is better.

  In addition, you can also use some storage equipment. For example, some of the vacuum compression devices on the market. But because most of the quilts are fluffy and flexible and breathable, with a vacuum compression device easy to make the quilt deformation, is not conducive to future use. Also on the market there are many dehumidification equipment sales, equipped with moisture can be used.