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Teach You How To Choose The Hotel Bedding

Sep 28, 2017

Teach you how to choose the hotel bedding

Today Xiaobian and everyone to talk about the hotel bedding how to choose, first explain the hotel hotel bedding is what? Is the hotel in the quilt, the core, bed sheets, bed skirts, pillowcases, pillow, protective pad, cushions, cushions sets, bed towels (bed tail pad), etc., which will affect the hotel bedding prices and quality! So how do we choose?

Method 1, fabric and color aspects. Choose cloth products and the hotel's overall style and room decoration style to match, according to their own characteristics of the hotel to choose the decoration. For example, the tourist area of the hotel in the choice of cloth flower pattern to follow your location is appropriate, the beach will need some golden, bright embellishment and details of the decoration, especially high-end hotels almost every room must have their own style, or blue sky and white clouds A glimpse of the beach shade unrestrained enthusiasm, or solemn elegance in order to meet the needs of fashion people to enjoy, if it is located in the mountains surrounded by Joe flow, may wish to choose a pink, or elegant decoration seems Lingjing.

Method 2, the fabric texture: the hotel room linen generally choose cotton texture of cotton, cotton fabric sweat and soft and comfortable, is conducive to sweat glands "breathing" and human health, and soft touch, it is easy to create a sleep atmosphere. On the texture, the current popular mainstream products are 60S × 40S jacquard and satin products, such products are also high-density products, affordable, fine texture, both comfortable and washable.

Method three, in the choice of hotel bedding, it is best not to find dealers, dealers generally do not understand the product, they are also from the manufacturers to take the goods. Second, the dealer's price may be slightly higher, there is some do not know the dealer will use the wrong or shoddy. If a large number of long-term need for grass, then the best choice to choose manufacturers to discuss cooperation directly at the same time you can also communicate with manufacturers to understand the various problems of linen convenient after the purchase.

In summary, the choice of hotel bedding is still very important, we must be careful Oh!