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The Difference Between Hotel Textile Bedding And Home Textile

Jul 25, 2017

  The difference between hotel textile bedding and home textile

  Hotel textiles are generally pure white as the standard. Because pure white bedding is easy to give guests a comfortable and comfortable visual experience. In contrast, home textiles are in a strong and bright colors to do with.

  Although this design with the appearance is very beautiful, Hotel Beddings but when you sleep, of course, hope that the surrounding environment is comfortable and comfortable. So in the bedding fabric color on the hotel than the home textile bedding bedding to give users a comfortable sleep environment.

  Most of the home textile bedding design patterns are pattern after another, in order to pursue a better design results, adding some uncomfortable chemical fiber decoration. Hotel Beddings For example: lace lace, pearl point, embroidery modeling and so on.

  This design is very eye-catching from the appearance, but from the user's sleep quality to consider such an ornament but let the user feel uncomfortable. The hotel is a four-piece textile bedding is a simple style for the design concept. Hotel Beddings To the most personal fabric basis. So the main features of the integrated, the current market category of home textiles and hotel bedding bedding is the biggest difference is that home textiles to decorate, shape and design based. While the hotel is the pursuit of textile is to provide users with unparalleled sleep to enjoy.