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The Shrinkage Rate Of Hotel Bedding Is Related To What Factors

Jul 13, 2017

  The shrinkage rate of hotel bedding is related to what factors

  Hotel bedding After washing will appear shrinking phenomenon, but some shrinkage is more obvious, some are not obvious, then the hotel bed shrinkage rate and what factors?

  Generally, the fiber with large hygroscopic, the fiber expands after soaking, the diameter increases, the length shortens, the shrinkage rate is big. If some viscose fiber water absorption rate as high as 13%, and synthetic fabrics poor moisture absorption, the shrinkage rate is small.

  The fabric warp and weft yarn branches intersect, the Weft Yarn branch adds up to synthesize the textile density, the fabric density is different, the shrinkage rate is also different.

  such as the latitude and longitude density similar, the latitude and longitude of the shrinkage rate is also close. By the density of large fabrics, by the shrinkage of large, on the contrary, weft dense larger than the dense fabric, weft shrinkage is large.

  The yarn of the fabric is divided into 40s, 60s, 80s and so on, the larger the number represents the finer the yarn, the different thickness of the fabric yarn, and the shrinkage rate is different. The shrinkage ratio of coarse yarn is large, and the shrinkage of fabric with fine yarn is small.

  These are the causes of the shrinkage rate of hotel bedding.