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Towel Weaving Process Which

Feb 16, 2017

1. plain weave
Plain is towel fabric without any pattern or logo, to do in plain weave towel on the hotel name or embroider your logo only by towels, or printing, benefits of flat-weave towels are shipped fast, short production cycle, the price is relatively cheap, if you need to use, plain weave currency is the ideal choice.

2. Jacquard
Is towel weaving process of digital programming through a computer to plate, pattern, needs text or logo woven into the cloth, Jacquard Weave parts of the concave, and more grades!

3. satin
At both ends of the towel close to the flat part of the looped part of the knit over satin flower cross section of either woven at one end was a wide satin edge, is generally called the "Platinum satin" flower parts can be formed by floats, and can also be formed by filling floats.