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Towels Ideal Service Period Is Generally 3 Months

Oct 23, 2017

Towels are the necessities of everyday life, but how to use towels scientifically, I believe most people are not very clear. First, dedicated special, dedicated towel. Everyone must have their own special towels, and according to the need to configure different uses of towel products. Washcloth, bath towel, water-absorbent scarf, sports towel, should be used separately.

Personal use of towels must be at least two, one for washing your face and the other for bathing. Second, the correct washing, regular disinfection. Towel after use should be cleaned in a timely manner, every week disinfection, drying hanging place to ventilation, the best time to dry or dry, in the dry conditions of bacteria will not easily reproduce. Finally, timely replacement.

Any product has the use period, the towel is the fiber fabric, is the organic matter, the ideal use period generally is 3 months. So how do we usually maintain our towels? Brief introduction:

1. Towel use after a period of time, should be placed in boiling water boiling $number minutes, it is best to soak a bubble in advance with soap, so that the towel will be very soft after cooking. When you boil a towel, soak the towel throughout the water, not the surface. After cooking the towel, and then rinse repeatedly with water several times (pay attention not to be scalded oh, be careful), until no soap foam can be. Then place it in the ventilated place to dry and try to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

2. The use of softener washing, if there is a condition, you can buy good quality clothing softener, when washing towels appropriate to add some, after washing the towel will be a fresh, soft, and yellow towel has faded role. But the softener detergent is not recommended commonly used, after all, contain more chemical composition, once rinse not clean towel easy to stimulate the skin.

3. Wash the towel with vinegar. When washing towels, add the appropriate vinegar, just not the towel advisable. Then soak for half an hour or so, then rub and rub vigorously, scrub several times after rinsing clean with water, then drying can be. Vinegar has bactericidal effect, also can let towel restore softness and elasticity.

4. Salt wash towel. Usually when washing towels, can add a proper amount of salt, after washing the towel will be more soft. and salt is harmless to the body as compared to a clothing softener, and can be used frequently. In order to save the use of salt, wash the towel when not too much water, can not be a towel on the line.

5. Rinse towels, rice washing water has a lot of effects, including the towel to become white and soft. In the cooking towel, you can add a proper amount of rice water, as far as possible to use the pan two times, boiling 5--10 minutes after the rinse rinse, wash the towel will become cleaner, but also have a light rice fragrance.