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Towels The Fastest Development Time And The Fastest Growing Textile Products

Sep 14, 2017

Towels are made of three system yarns interwoven with a terry structure of the fabric, the three systems of yarn that is the hair, the ground and weft. Common use is hand washing after hand, shampoo after the head, after bathing wiping the body, after the mouth and so wiped. With the development of science and technology, there have been warp knitted towel fabric, this towel loom consolidation firmly, but the form is relatively single, the vast majority of the market for woven towels. The world's first towel was born in 1850, the origin of the United Kingdom, dating back more than 150 years of history. From the original simple monochrome flat hair towel to the present to mention satin jacquard, printing, twist towels, cut pile towels, is the development of the shortest time and the fastest growing textile products.

Towel (towel) is a textile fiber as the raw material surface of the torch pile or wool pile velvet wool fabric, generally pure cotton yarn as raw material, a small amount of mixed with blended yarn or chemical fiber yarn, with a towel Weaving loom made. According to the use of knitting and woven two categories; according to the use of a towel, pillow towels, bath towels, towels, sofa towels, etc., in addition, there are towel cloth, used for sewing clothes. The surface of the terry-dense, soft to the touch, water storage, strong, wear-resistant, good warm performance. The common colors are all white towels, plain towels, stained towels, printed towels, mercerized towels, spiral towels, jacquard towels and jacquard printing towels, etc., for rubbing can be directly contact with the human body textile (such as square, Towels, towels, towels, etc.).

Purchase method

There are many varieties of towels, the quality gap is also great. Properly buy towels should pay attention to several aspects.

1. To the regular store to buy a clear towel logo. Shopping malls, supermarkets or the store's supply is generally a regular manufacturer. Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo, clearly that manufacturers, origin, telephone, trademark, the implementation of standards, washing methods.

2. Consumers in the purchase of towels can also view the product on the "star towel product logo" plate, with or without OEKO100 eco-textile certification mark. Products certified by eco-textiles are completely free of toxic and pathogenic substances and are completely green and environmentally friendly. Star towel product quality is completely perfect.

3. Look: towel sewing is fine, neat, terry height is smooth, whether the color is pure and bright, no shades of uneven phenomenon as well.

4. Touch: a good cotton towel feel fluffy, soft and no creamy feeling, in the boxing soft and flexible, beat no cotton velvet off.

5. Smell: good towel no smell.

6. Test: a measure of hygroscopicity; method is to tow the towel, hand towel after the towel on the rejection, the water does not roll, indicating good water absorption; if the water drops, then the towel in the softener excess or refined insufficient. Two color fastness method is: first about 80 ℃ hot water into the basin, and then put up and down the towel to mention the end of the wash, the basin of water is not discolored as well. If there is a clear color, it shows poor quality of printing and dyeing, hinder human health.

7. Burning: the towel edge of the circle of yarn out of a circle around, with the fire lit, burning quickly, gray gray gray, light and no residue is cotton or cellulose renewable fiber. If the burning is not a net burning ash lumps, indicating that the yarn is mixed with chemical fiber blended yarn.

Odor removal

Towels hardened mainly because the water free calcium, magnesium ions and soap combined to produce calcium and magnesium soap attached to the surface of the towel. In order to prevent the towel hard, in addition to regular cleaning, the towel should be placed in the alkaline pot of boiling a quarter of an hour (usually 1.5 kg of water plus 30 grams of soda ash, pay attention to the towel all immersed in alkaline water), after the towel Remove and rinse thoroughly with water.

Towel surface greasy sticky, it is because the towel surface attached to a lot of sweat, tears and other secretions. Clean the surface of the creamy towel, in addition to the above method can be used, you can also put the towel in the salt water to cook or hot wash.

Bacteria are most likely to reproduce the natural conditions of high temperature and humidity, so towels should always be kept dry. But many families do not have windows in the bathroom, poor ventilation conditions, so in order to keep the towel clean, should be cleaned once every day with soap, and then hung in the sun or dry in the ventilation room to dry. Every week should also be a towel in the salt water once cooked. It is also a very effective method to sterilize towels with water and then use microwave sterilization.

Common classification

Towels are essential for people's daily life products, you have no attention we usually use the towel is the kind of fabric? In fact, the most common is the cotton and bamboo fiber fabric. Cotton towel price is relatively low, the fabric is relatively stable and durable, but with a long time will appear yellow hair hard phenomenon, so that our skin is not very good. Bamboo fiber towel it, the price may be more expensive than the cotton goods but feel very soft and comfortable, absorbent than cotton 3 to 4 times higher. Because the bamboo fiber contains a special substance "bamboo Kun" makes the towel has antibacterial characteristics in addition to mites, like the child's skin more tender, with bamboo fiber towels or more appropriate!