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What Is The Difference Between Hotel Linen And Bedding Sets?

Jul 01, 2017

  What is the difference between hotel linen and Bedding Sets?

  Home textiles, table products are generally more powerful, Bedding Sets medium weaving. Large area of the use of accessories and embroidery process.

  The use of home textiles pay more attention to the appearance of the gorgeous sense of visual impact.

  Hotel Bedding Sets material: hotel textiles to more than 60S fabric-based, special functional fiber-based, all products are using natural materials, pay attention to product breaking strength, water absorption, color fastness and other intrinsic quality indicators.

  Color: color to the health of healthy plain color, color is more simple than home textiles, the pursuit of simple atmosphere of the product style. Dyeing process in line with the National Tourism Hotel Association strict environmental indicators testing, materials are more sophisticated, and so pay attention to the dye-friendly environment to ensure that the skin contact with the product without pollution.

  Process: towel products average weaving density of 550 g / square meters, more texture, fluffy and absorbent more outstanding. Fabric products yarn high, density, making more sophisticated, careful use of the impact of the use of comfort and accessories such as embroidery and other technology, Bedding Sets contact leather and embroidery and other processes, contact with the skin of the skin-friendly better. After washing products do not deformation more beautiful. The core pillow type of filler material quality requirements, focusing on resilient environmental protection and dust control, to ensure that sleep without pollution. Dining table product selection stress, simple work, product serialization.

  Use: hotel linen textile more attention to the inherent quality of the product indicators, Bedding Sets more concerned about the use of comfort and product experience.