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Why Are Bedding Sets Mostly White?

Jul 01, 2017

  Why are Bedding Sets mostly white?

  As the Bedding Sets is in direct contact with the skin, easy to leave all kinds of bacteria, impurities, non-white Bedding Sets will allow users to one by one to determine its health status, and white Bedding Sets can make pollution exposed, prompt to replace the cleaning, Health, and from the environmental point of view, in order to prevent chemical pollution during printing and dyeing process, the hotel is more inclined to white products. In addition, according to color psychology research shows that white people feel relaxed, lack of solution. The rooms are decorated with white Bedding Sets to help guests relieve the journey of fatigue, giving guests a quiet and comfortable resting sleep environment. Still from the color point of view, white is the most difficult to produce aesthetic fatigue color. From the aesthetic point of view, the white on behalf of purity, but also one of the most visible from the visual feel can confirm the pure color, scientific research also found that white bed also help to sleep, it is said that this is why most of the quilt is white the reason.

  What are the unique product features of hotel Bedding Sets?

  A. Simple atmosphere - hotel Bedding Sets stressed that all the luxury of things hidden in the bones, the pursuit of elegance is not publicity, Jane is not simple. On the whole, to keep the white main colors, through the quilt and bed tail pad and space with, reflecting the style and characteristics.

  B. Good comfort - 30 years of development, the study of consumer sleep has reached the limit, many hotel groups have formed a unique sleep culture and product standards.

  C. Environmental low carbon - some international hotel groups have international environmental certification as their mandatory procurement standards. Hotel Bedding Sets and towels, bathrobe color generally used in white or light colors, is to low-carbon environmental protection, the general dark dye must be similar to formaldehyde and other chemical additives fixed color. While white and light are not needed.

  D. supporting the series - the hotel product line is more abundant, covering towels bathroom category, catering category, bed core category, the hotel is currently widely used feather mats, hotel bathrobes, etc. will be the direction of consumer use.

  How do Bedding Sets be washed and maintained?

  Hotel Bedding Sets has a strict washing program: including pre-wash - dehydration - main wash - dehydration - soft - drying - ironing - special stain removal, hotel Bedding Sets can support the machine frequently strong Washing, therefore, the purchase of hotel Bedding Sets as a home, because no frequent, strong machine wash, its durability, comfort are much higher than ordinary Bedding Sets.